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Mystery Novels in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Series:
Too Late to Die, Walker, l986; Ivy, 1989 (Winner of the Anthony Award for Best First Novel)
Shotgun Saturday Night, Walker, l987; Ivy, 1989
Cursed to Death, Walker, l988; Ivy, 1990
Death on the Move, Walker, 1989; Ivy, 1990
Evil at the Root, St. Martin's, 1990; Ivy, 1991
Booked for a Hanging, St. Martin's, 1992
Murder Most Fowl, St. Martin's, 1994
Winning Can Be Murder, St. Martin's, 1996; Worldwide, 2000
Death by Accident, St. Martin's, 1998; Worldwide, 2000
A Ghost of a Chance, St Martins, July 2000; Worldwide, October 2001
A Romantic Way to Die, St. Martins, November 2001
Red, White, and Blue Murder, St. Martin's, October 2003
"The Empty Manger," Worldwide, November 2001.  (Not a novel, strictly speaking, but a novella included in the collection entitled Murder, Mayhem, and Mistletoe.)
A Mammoth Murder, St. Martin's, April 2006
Murder Among the O.W.L.S., St. Martin's, January 2007
Of All Sad Words, St. Martin's, February 2008
Murder in Four Parts, St. Martin's, February 2009
Murder in the Air, St. Martin's, August 2010
The Wild Hog Murders, St. Martin's, August 2011
The Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen, St. Martin's, August 2012

Mystery Novels in the Carl Burns Series:
One Dead Dean, Walker, l988
Dying Voices, St. Martin's, 1989
. . . A Dangerous Thing, Walker, 1994; Worldwide, 1996
Dead Soldiers, Five Star, June 2004

Mystery Novels in the Truman Smith Series:
Dead on the Island, Walker, 1991 (Nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First Private Eye Novel)
Gator Kill, Walker, 1992
When Old Men Die, Walker, 1994
The Prairie Chicken Kill, Walker, 1996
Murder Takes a Break, Walker, 1996

Mystery Novels in the Stanley Waters Series (Willard Scott, Co-Author):
Murder under Blue Skies, Dutton, 1998; Onyx, 1999
Murder in the Mist, Dutton, 1999; Onyx, 2000

Mystery Novels in the Sally Good Series:
Murder Is An Art, St. Martin's, 1999
A Knife in the Back, St. Martin's, 2002
A Bond with Death, St. Martin's, 2004

Stand-Alone Mystery and Suspense Novels:
Blood Marks, St. Martin's, 1991; Gold Medal, 1993
The Texas Capitol Murders, St. Martin's, 1992
Houston Homicide (with Clyde Wilson), Five Star, December 2007

House-Name Spy Fiction:
The Coyote Connection (a Nick Carter book, in collaboration with Jack Davis), Charter, 1981

Western Novels:
Ryan Rides Back, M. Evans, l988
Galveston Gunman, M. Evans, l989
A Time for Hanging, M. Evans, 1989
Medicine Show, M. Evans, 1990
Outrage at Blanco, Dell, 1999
Texas Vigilante, Dell, 1999
As Colby Jacskon:
Dead Man's Revenge
Gabby Darbins and the Slide-Rock Bolter

Horror Novels (all published under the pseudonym "Jack MacLane"):
Keepers of the Beast, Zebra, l988 (Horror; as Jack MacLane)
Goodnight, Moom, Zebra, l989 (Horror; as Jack MacLane)
Blood Dreams, Zebra, 1989 (Horror; as Jack MacLane)
Rest in Peace, Zebra, 1990 (Horror; as Jack MacLane)
Just before Dark, Zebra, 1990 (Horror; as Jack MacLane)  

Books for Young Readers:
A Vampire Named Fred, Temple Books, 1990
Muttketeer, Big Red Chair Books, 1997 (A Wishbone book)
Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster, Minstrel.1996
Mike Gonzo and the Almost Invisible Man, Minstrel, 1996
Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror, Minstrel, 1997 (Winner of the "Golden Duck" Award for
best juvenile SF novel, 1997)

Short Story Collections:
The Nighttime is the Right Time, Five Star, 2000.

Short Stories: 
"A Right to Be Dead" (Black Cat Mystery Magazine, 1981) [Joe R. Lansdale, co-author] Reprinted in For a Few Stories More, Subterranean Press, 2002, Joe R. Lansdale, ed.
"My Heart Cries for You"  (Fourteen Vicious Valentines, Avon, 1988, Rosalind Greenburg, Martin
Greenburg, and Charles Waugh, eds.
"Wolf  Night"  (Westeryear, M. Evans, 1988, Edward Gorman, ed; reprinted in Great Tales of the
American West, Donald I. Fine, 1995; HarperCollins, 1996)
"Franklin and the Can of Whup-ass"  (Obsessions, Dark Harvest, 1991, Gary Raisor, ed.)  [Adapted for comics and published in Weird Business, 1994]
"An Evening out with Carl"  (Dark at Heart, Dark Harvest, 1992, Joe and Karen Lansdale eds.)
"Death's Brother"  (New Mystery Magazine #2, 1992; reprinted in Women on the Edge, Donald I.
Fine, 1992, Martin Greenberg, ed.; Pinnacle, 1994)
**"The Santa Claus Caper"  (Christmas Stalkings, Mysterious Press,1991, Charlotte MacLeod,    
##"Buster"  (Cat Crimes, Donald I. Fine, 1991, Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
"The New Black Cat"  (Cat Crimes II, Donald I. Fine, 1992, Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
"Cat Burglar"  (Cat Crimes III, Donald I. Fine, 1992, Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
**"The Night before Christmas"  (Santa Clues, New American Library, 1993, Carol-Lynn Waugh
and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
"Code Red: Terror on the Mall [A Techno-thriller]"  (Cat Crimes IV, Donald I. Fine, 1993, Ed
Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
"King of the Night"  (Celebrity Vampires, DAW Books, 1994, Martin Greenberg, ed.)
@@"A Matter of the Heart"  (Murder for Mother, New American Library, 1994, Martin Greenberg, ed.)
"Blest Be the Ties"  (Murder for Father, New American Library, 1994, Martin Greenberg, ed.)
"'Way Down"  (Underground, Dark Horse Comics, 1993, Neal Barrett, Jr., ed.)
$$"See What the Boys in the Locked Room Will Have"  (Partners in Crime, New American Library, 1994, Elaine Raco Chase, ed.)
"The Nighttime Is the Right Time"  (Werewolves, DAW, 1995, Martin Greenberg, ed.)
##"Gored"  (Murder Most Delicious, NAL, 1994, Ed Gorman, ed.)
##"Who Killed Cock Rogers?" (The Mysterious West, HarperCollins, 1994, Tony Hillerman, ed.)
%%"Cap'n Bob and Gus"  (Cat Crimes V, Donald I. Fine, 1994)
"But I See the Bright Eyes"  (Dark Destiny, White Wolf, 1994, Ed Kramer, ed.)
"How I Found a Cat, Lost True Love, and Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo"  (Cat Crimes VI, Donald I. Fine, 1995, Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds.; nominated for the Anthony Award for Best Short Story)
"Dreamseeker" (Truth until Paradox, White Wolf, 1995, Staley Krause and Stewart Wieck, eds.)
"Assault on Treasure Island" (City of Darkness: Unseen, White Wolf, 1995, Erin Kelley and Stewart Wieck, eds.)
"Jack of Thieves" (The Splendor Falls, White Wolf, 1995, Erin Kelly, ed.)
$$"The Case of the Headless Man," Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1997
"The Ghost and Mr. Truman" (White House Horrors, DAW, 1996, Martin Greenberg and Ed Gorman, eds)
%%"The Easter Cat" (Cat Crimes on Holiday, Donald I. Fine, 1996, Martin Greenberg and Ed Gorman, eds)
"The Rose of Tralee" (Murder Most Irish, Barnes & Noble Books, 1996) Ed Gorman, Larry Segriff, and Martin Greenberg, eds.)
"The Adventure of the Christmas Ghosts" (Holmes for the Holidays, Berkley Books, 1996  (Martin Greenberg, ed.)
"The Hanging of Chick Dupree" (The Fatal Frontier, Carroll & Graff, 1996, Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, eds)
"The Captive Soul"  (Pawn of Chaos: Tales of the Eternal Champion, White Wolf, 1997, Stewart
Wieck, ed)
"What a Croc!" (Urban Nightmares, Baen, 1997, Jo Sherman, ed.)
$$"At the Hop" [Judy Crider, co-author] (Till Death Do Us Part, Berkley Books, 1999); nominated for the Anthony Award for Best Mystery Short Story of 1999.
"I Am A Roving Gambler" (How the West Was Read II, Durkin Hayes Audio, 1998, Bob Randisi,
"Wherever I Meet with a Deck of Cards" (Best of the American West II, Berkely, 1998, Ed Gorman
and Martin H. Greenberg, eds.)
"It Happened at Grandmother's House" (Once Upon a Crime, Berkely, 1998, Ed Gorman and Martin
H. Greenberg, eds.)
"The Adventure of the Christmas Bear" (More Holmes for the Holidays, Berkley, 1999, Martin H.
Greenberg, Lon L. Lellenberg, and Carol-Lynn Waugh, eds.)
"The Adventure of the Venomous Lizard" (The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes first revised
paperback edition, 1999, Martin H. Greenbert, Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh, and Jon L.
Lellenberg, eds.)
%%"Tinseltown Follies of 1948" (Cat Crimes through Time, Carroll & Graf, 1999, Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, and Larry Segriff, eds.)
"The Case of the Vampire's Mark" (Murder in Baker Street, Carroll & Graaf, 2001, Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg, and Daniel Stashower, eds.)
##"Chocolate Moose" [Judy Crider, co-author] (Death Dines at 8:30, Berkley, 2001, Claudia Bishop and Nick DiChario, eds.) Nominated for Anthony Award, Best Short Story 2001]
%%"Out like a Lion" (Death by Horoscope, Carroll & Graf, 2001, Anne Perry, ed.)
%%"One of our Leprechauns is Missing" (Murder Most Celtic, 2001, Cumberland Press, Martin H. Greenberg, ed.)
%% "El Lobo Rides Alone" (Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives, 1998, Forge, Carole Nelson Douglas, ed.)
@@ "Poo Poo" (Louisiana Literature, Spring 1998)
"Belle Boyd, the Rebel Spy" (The Blue and the Gray Undercover, 2001, Forge, Ed Gorman, ed.)
"JailBait" [Joe R. Lansdale, co-author]  (For a Few Stories More, 2002, Subterranean Press, Joe Lansdale, ed.)

%% Stories featuring private-eye Bill Ferrel
## Stories featuring Sheriff Dan Rhodes
$$ Stories featuring Bo Wagner and Janice Langtry
** Stories featuring Carl Burns
@@ Stories featuring private-eye Truman Smith
Compound Murder, St. Martin's, August 2013