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Once upon a time, there was the Kingston Trio.  Millions of guys heard them and then went out and bought guitars.  Most of those millions got over their obsession.  Some never did.  Among the latter are The Fabulous G-Strings, originally composed of Gilbert Benton, Bill Horine, Chris Benton, and me, Bill Crider.  The group had a hard time chosing a name.  First we thought of Bill Benton, Bill Benton.   But then we added a new member, Rochelle Brunson, so that name was out.  Since we could play only in one key (the key of G) we decided on The G-Strings.  Since that was a little less than glamorous, we became The Fabulous G-Strings.  (Left to Right in the photo below: Chris Benton, Gilbert Benton, Rochelle Brunson, Bill Horine, and me, Bill Crider.)  As for me and the Kingston Trio, I've remained a fan since first hearing them in 1958.  On December 30, 2002, I saw them in concert again and got the chance to go backstage and meet Bob Shane, the only original member still with the  group.  Below the photo of The Fabulous G-Strings, there's one of me and Bob Shane before the concert.  I gave the Trio members (George Grove and Bobby Haworth are the other two) copies of A Knife in the Back, which is dedicated to the Kingston trio.

Since I wrote the above, Rochelle Brunson has taken a  job at Baylor University, Chris (Seepy) Benton has relocated to Arizona and is teaching there, and Bill Horine has retired.  Only Gilbert Benton remains at the college.  But the group still performs now and then.