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Bill Crider's Homemade Homepage

Welcome to my homepage. This is where you'll find out all you ever wanted to know about me, and maybe even more.  This is me, intrepid Andean explorer, famous writer, international bon vivant.
Here are some reviews of my books:

Bill Crider is "one of the most unpretentious and versatile pure entertainers in the mystery field."
--Jon Breen, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

A Mammoth Murder: "Brisk and funny dialogue propels Crider's diverting 13th mystery to feature Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes (after 2003'sRed, White, and Blue Murder). . . . Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this playful romp with a Texas drawl".
                           --Publishers Weekly

A Bond with Death:  Bill Crider...writes two entertaining mystery series about his friends and colleagues.... In his third book about small-town English professor Sally Good, Crider links the murder of a campus troublemaker with Good's late husband, supposedly related to a Salem witch.

As clean and sharp as a fine Bowie knife. Crider's prose slices through conventions and expectations to produce an enjoyable read, no matter what state you're in.

Dead Soldiers: Crider, best known for his Sheriff Dan Rhodes mysteries, unerringly re-creates the claustrophobic atmosphere of a small-town
university, leavening his characteristically tart plot with humor and a simmering sense of the absurd. An unerringly enjoyable mystery.

                 -- Booklist     

The Prairie Chicken Kill:

For pure fun and sheer entertainment, it doesn't get much better than Crider's Tru Smith stories.  Highly recommended.

-- Booklist

Infused in an artfully crafted murder plot is Crider's unique sense of humor, tautly drawn characters, and credible dialogue.

-- Harriet Stay
  Mystery News

. . . a tight plot filled with laconic charm and idiosyncratic characters.

-- Publishers Weekly

Winning Can Be Murder:

The eighth Dan Rhodes mystery is a keeper.  The humor, the suspense, and the small-town ambience all ring true.

-- Booklist

I've reviewed this series so often that I take for granted and perhaps forget to mention the quality of the writing.  It's tops.  Crider makes it look and feel effortless.  He's a terrific storyteller and that's what makes his books so remarkable.

-- Harriet Stay
  Mystery News

A Dangerous Thing:

If you like a little laughter in your mysteries, don't miss Bill Crider's works.

-- Meritorious Mysteries
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Here's what Booklist has to say: "The twenty-fourth Dan Rhodes mystery reprises the series’ best qualities: sharp plotting, an omnipresent sense of humor, and a wry, self-aware protagonist. Rhodes understands people, small-town folks most of all. Insults and love affairs are never forgotten, just buried in very shallow graves."